“The best wines are born in the Vineyard”

The Vineyard

We have the following acres under vine –

110 acres planted 1998,2000 and 2001, both own roots and grafted.
Clones include PT23
Rootstock includes Kobar and Swartzman

30 acres – Reynella clone, own roots.
Planted 1999

8 acres – Griffith clone on Swartzman
Planted 2001

Petit Verdot
1.1 acre – planted 1999

1.8 acre – planted 1999

1.0 acre – planted 1999

1.4 acre – planted 1999

The entire vineyard is on ancient Cambrian soil. We have a 100 megalitre water entitlement from the Goulburn River (Waranga Channel) and our own pipeline to ensure water security. On average we use less than 1 megalitre of water per hectare. The oldest part of the vineyard is usually un-irrigated due to the depth of the top soil and age of the vines.