“The best wines are born in the Vineyard”

Contract Grape Growing & Vineyard Management Services

Our first vines were planted in 1998 with the full vineyard completed in 2001. We grow Shiraz, Cabernet, Durif and smaller parcels of Petit Verdot, Zinfadel (Primativo), Marsanne and Verdelho.

Our viticultural objective is to allow the vines to reflect a true expression of “place” or terrior. This is achieved by focusing on soil health and minimal intervention.

All fruit is grown to individual winemaker specifications (eg pruning to achieve targeted yields, shoot thinning, herbicide free and organic wine growing practices). Compost is applied to build up organic material under vine and regular soil and petiole tests are completed to ensure that the soil is in the best condition for vine health.

We supply 20 different winemakers, many of whom consistently win trophies and medals at wine shows in Australia and overseas.

We also provide contract vineyard services to other vineyards in Heathcote. These services include mechanical pruning, compost and fertilizer spreading, vine trimming and general vineyard management advice.

If you are interested in securing iconic Heathcote fruit or our related services, please contact John Davies on 0418 172345 or Colin Neate on 0439 030562